Different Learning Experences

        There is a very exciting opportunity for you to join a team that using a real project connect to faculty’s research and study. You will receive training from sophomore to senior in the team that may different majors to you. Do not pass over the following information.

How to join VIP Teams?  

        Visit NDHU VIP Teams to figure out goals and desired students first, then fill up the attach application form and email to the team you are interested. Each student can only join a team. There might have interview or other process depend on their police. You must get the approval from the leader to be a team member.

What should members do in the team?

        Sophomore student join the team for 3 years training. Through probation, learning, and practice stages, they can learn and practice skills in a real project with different year classmates, experience different tasks on a multidisciplinary team, and make contributions to the team project.

        It is a highly team work curriculum. You’ll document everything you do in a design notebook. There are self-evaluation, peer-evaluation and evaluation from team leaders in the end of the semester. Also you have the obligation to help us to collect data of running the project via questionnaire or interview.

Note for enroll VIP courses :

        The VIP courses are enrolled by manual. Student list is submitted by the team. When you finish I to IV courses, you earn 10 credits to achieve Micro Program of Vertically Integrated Projects in Committee for General Education. If you drop out, your credits will still be recognized in free elective of graduation credits.