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Worldwide VIP Teams


 VIP Consortium


 Georgia Institute of Technology VIP Teams  University of Strathclyde VIP Teams
 Purdue University VIP Teams   University of Pretoria
 Boise State University VIP Teams  New York University VIP Teams  
 Colorado State University VIP Teams  Virginia Commonwealth University VIP Teams 
 Rice University VIP Teams  The University of Hawai`i (UH) VIP Teams
 University of California, Davis VIP Teams  Texas A&M University VIP Team 
 Malmö University  Drexel University VIP Team  


Worldwide institutes for VIP

Arizona State University              Boise State University                   Colorado State University     

Drexel University s                                 Florida International University        Georgia Institute of Technology*+E

Howard University                       Inha University+i                               Malmö University si 

Morehouse College                     National Dong Hwa Universityi               National Ilan University i

New York University                    Purdue University+                                      Rice University 

Riga Technical Universityi                    Texas A&M University                      Universidad del Nortei

University of California, Davis     University of California, Riverside    University of Delaware   

University of Georgia                  University of Hawaii, Manoa             University of Michigan

University of Pretoria*i                      University of Strathclyde*+i               University of Washington, Seattle 

Virginia Tech                              Virginia Commonwealth University

* Lead Institutions

+ Long-running VIP programs

Evaluation Team 

i International VIP Sites 

Sites in Startup Mode

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