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Unique Research Team

        Through the VIP program, professor can design the courses via his or her research and interest rather that assign by department. To attract the same interest undergraduate students join the research project in early campus life.

How to establish a VIP team?  

        First, you need to set the goals of your team based on your research efforts, such as other university team, Campus Mobility, Data-Driven Education, Digital Gym, Future Technology for Sports, Nutridoctor, Urban Food Lab, Patagonia, Living Dynamical Systems, Books in Every Home, Smart Cities Technology and so on. In addition, looking for your partners, running methods and desired students structure the team with a real project.

Who are the team members?     

        Recruit four sophomore students at least in fall semester start 1st year probation stages. At the 3rd year, your team should become cross year and many disciplinary members to run the project. Graduate and senior students should play a crucial role to mentor undergraduate young fellows.

Note for open courses  

        You must open VIP courses each semester. The fall semester at 3rd year, you will open three courses, I, III and IV at the same time. However, three courses of different year students will in the same classroom but varied tasks to approach goals of the team.

Course outlineVertically Integrated Projects(I)Vertically Integrated Projects(II) Vertically Integrated Projects(III)Vertically Integrated Projects(IV)Vertically Integrated Projects(V)Vertically Integrated Projects(VI)


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